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TiECon Spotlight 2003

The TiECon Spotlight is an invitation only forum where world industry leaders, veteran entrepreneurs, and business visionaries work together to single out and recognize new and upcoming companies for their ingenuity, management, and entrepreneurial wealth. This year each Ecosystem will choose 6 Spotlight Companies out of a select pool of applicants. If you know of a pre-IPO company that has a chance to be the best-of-the-best, please have them submit an application <<application link>>.

This Year: Winning the Game of Business

The TiECon 2003 Spotlight centers around the game of business – despite down market conditions only the most brazen and talented survive. Winning the game of business takes dedication and inner strength beyond what most consider impossible. TiE hopes to forward and recognize individuals and their companies that have the ability to make this happen.
The current market conditions have forced entrepreneurs and their companies to be extremely inventive and creative. This year we expect a very tight and close competition. To say the least, this year’s Spotlight will definitely be an exciting event and one that will be remembered.
-Quote from Kanwal Rekhi or any other prominent charter member
History and Focus

The concept of the TiECon Spotlight has always been a core facet in the 9 year history of this conference. An iterative process, the TiECon Spotlight has evolved from a small group of TiE Charter members mentoring and challenging the minds of very talented and successful individuals to a yearly forum where this wisdom is shared among all participants – and where entrepreneurs get the full attention of some of the most respected businessmen in the world.

There is no winner and certainly no looser in this process – rather a collective effort to better and forward the goals of entrepreneurs. One of the principal elements of TiE is to strengthen the community of entrepreneurs by identifying the up and coming successes; exposure, mentorship and recognition provide the necessary opportunity for entrepreneurs and their companies to succeed.

Today, the TiECon Spotlight provides a forum where world industry leaders, veteran entrepreneurs and visionaries identify who, among the best, is considered: the best of the best. This year TiE has expanded upon this theme and will offer the spotlight to selected finalists in all 12 ecosystems as well as an exclusive dinner for all selected Spotlight candidates.

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